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The Art of Feedback

Word List: Reflection, Perspective, Constructive, Relevant, Insightful, Clarity, Transparent, Objective, Actionable, Authentic

The Art of Feedback was a course offered at a prestigious university. The course aimed to teach professionals the art of providing meaningful and effective feedback. Feedback is a crucial aspect of growth, but it is often difficult to give and receive.


The course was led by an expert in the field, Dr. John. The students were a mix of young professionals from various industries. They were all eager to learn the secrets of giving constructive feedback.

Dr. John began the course by asking the students to reflect on their own feedback experiences. He asked them to think about the times when they received feedback that was relevant and insightful. He then asked them to think about times when the feedback was not helpful and why.

As the course progressed, Dr. John taught the students the importance of clarity in feedback. He emphasized the importance of being transparent and objective when giving feedback. He explained that this would help the recipient understand the feedback better and be able to act on it.

The students were then taught the importance of making feedback actionable. Feedback that is not actionable is not useful. Dr. John explained that the goal of feedback is to help the recipient grow and improve. To achieve this, the feedback must be specific and provide concrete steps that the recipient can take.

Finally, Dr. John taught the students the importance of giving authentic feedback. Feedback that is not authentic is not useful. Dr. John explained that the recipient needs to trust the feedback giver and feel that the feedback is genuine.

The students left the course feeling confident in their ability to provide meaningful and effective feedback. They understood the importance of reflection, perspective, and the art of giving feedback.


Reflectionthe act of thinking about something carefullyreflect on, self-reflection, critical reflection
Perspectivea particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of viewdifferent perspectives, diverse perspectives, fresh perspectives
Constructivehelpful and useful; aiming to improveconstructive criticism, constructive feedback, constructive discussion
Relevanthaving a real connection with the matter at handrelevant information, relevant experience, relevant skills
Insightfulhaving a deep understanding or knowledgeinsightful comments, insightful analysis, insightful thoughts
Claritythe quality of being easy to understandclarity of thought, clarity of expression, clarity of vision
Transparenteasy to see through; allowing light to pass throughtransparent communication, transparent processes, transparent policies
Objectivenot influenced by personal feelings or opinions; fairobjective evaluation, objective view, objective evidence
Actionablecapable of being acted upon; capable of being used as a basis for actionactionable steps, actionable plan, actionable advice
Authentictrue to one’s own personality, spirit, or character; realauthentic feedback, authentic expression, authentic self

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