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English Poem – Beneath the Night’s Enchanted Veil

In days of yore, when time stood still,
Beneath the night’s resplendent cloak,
A tapestry of stars did spill
Their twinkling tales and dreams they’d evoke.

The constellations danced on high,
Their stories etched in inky skies,
As children of the earth stood by,
Their hearts aflutter with curious eyes.

They wandered through the glades of night,
Embracing nature’s tender hold,
And marveled at the firefly’s light,
Like tiny embers, brazen and bold.

The crickets sang their lullabies,
As whispers of the breeze took flight,
In harmony, the world did sigh,
Contented in the arms of night.

The lunar crescent, a silver smile,
Bestowed upon the world below,
A tender touch, a mother’s wile,
Her children wrapped in night’s soft glow.

Oh, how we long for days of old,
To cherish once again the night,
To bask in nature’s love untold,
And lose ourselves in her delight.

So let us look upon the skies,
With yearning hearts and memories,
To find the solace that we prize,
In nature’s sweetest melodies.

In starlit glens, where once we roamed,
The night’s embrace, our sanctuary,
We’d wander through, our spirits honed,
Enraptured by its mystery.

We gazed upon the Milky Way,
A river of celestial glow,
Its luminescent path displayed,
A route to where, we did not know.

The rustling leaves, the swaying trees,
A symphony of nature’s grace,
Became the cadence of our dreams,
A balm to heal the human race.

As fireflies adorned the night,
Their lanterns flickering gold and green,
We’d marvel at their wondrous sight,
A ballet of enchantment seen.

The nightingale, her voice so pure,
A songstress of nocturnal land,
A ballad in the dark, demure,
Her music floating, soft and grand.

Do we not yearn for these lost days,
When nature and the night were one,
A unity, a love displayed,
In moonlight’s tender touch undone?

Let us return to days of yore,
And cherish nature’s sweet embrace,
Rekindle bonds forevermore,
In starlit skies and night’s soft grace.

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