OneSmartClick.Com English Poem Whispers of the Wistful River – English Poem

Whispers of the Wistful River – English Poem

Whispers of the Wistful River

Upon the banks of rivers old,
Where tales of yore were softly told,
I wandered with a heart of gold,
In Nature’s bosom pure and bold.

The river flowed in whispers sweet,
Caressing stones beneath its feet,
A gentle touch, a rhythm fleet,
In harmony with life’s own beat.

The weeping willows softly sighed,
As leaves in zephyrs swayed and vied,
A dance of beauty, grace and pride,
In Nature’s arms, they did confide.

Reflections mirrored in the stream,
A palette mixed of sun and dream,
A canvas where the hues would teem,
And paint the world in love’s own theme.

The songs of birds adorned the air,
A serenade without compare,
Their melodies did lift despair,
And mend the heart with tender care.

The wildflowers along the shore,
A tapestry of colors bore,
Their fragrance whispered, “Here explore,
Embrace the beauty of our core.”

Beside the river’s calming voice,
My soul did sing, my heart rejoice,
In Nature’s cradle, I made my choice,
To cherish life with grace and poise.

For in this realm where Nature thrives,
I found the peace that still survives,
In moments where our heart revives,
The wistful river’s sweet archives.

As I wandered further still,
The river led me to a hill,
Where time itself had seemed to spill,
Its essence held in Nature’s quill.

A sacred grove of ancient trees,
Whispered wisdom in the breeze,
Their roots entwined, their souls at ease,
In Nature’s grasp, they found release.

I stood in awe, a humble guest,
As Nature’s heart upon my chest,
With every beat, I felt so blessed,
The river’s journey manifest.

A feeling stirred, a distant call,
As if I’d known this place before,
In memories, long since withdrawn,
A kinship with the river born.

The sun dipped low, the colors swirled,
As shadows danced and twilight twirled,
The river hummed a lullaby,
A soothing balm, a sweet goodnight.

And as the stars appeared above,
I felt enfolded in their love,
A celestial symphony,
In Nature’s grand epiphany.

The river’s tale, forever etched,
Within my soul, the words were sketched,
Of life and love, and all we’ve fetched,
From Nature’s wisdom, pure and stretched.

Upon the banks of rivers old,
I found a story to be told,
Of Nature’s grace, a love untold,
A cherished memory to uphold.

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