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The Momentum Changer

Word List: accelerate, decelerate, velocity, force, friction, direction, movement, speed, trajectory, momentum

A woman named Maria had always been a fan of speed. She loved feeling the rush of the wind in her face and the thrill of the engine roaring as she accelerated down the highway. She was an experienced driver, but she was never satisfied with her driving skills. She wanted to push herself to the limit and see just how fast she could go.

One day, Maria decided to take a drive on a deserted road to test her driving abilities. She shifted gears and hit the accelerator, feeling the velocity of the car increase with each passing second. Suddenly, she felt a sharp force pushing her to the side of the road, causing her car to decelerate abruptly. She looked at the road and saw that there was an object blocking her path. She quickly realized that she was going too fast and that she had no way to control the car’s momentum.

Maria tried to steer the car back on the road, but it was too late. The car hit the object with a loud crash, sending Maria flying through the windshield. She landed on the ground, barely conscious, and looked up at the sky. She saw the stars and realized that she was in a completely different world.

In this new world, Maria discovered that everything moved with a certain amount of force and speed, and that she had the power to control the movement of objects by adjusting their momentum. She learned how to change the direction of objects by adding or subtracting force and how to increase or decrease the speed of objects by changing their friction. She also learned how to control the trajectory of objects by adjusting the amount of force applied to them.

With her new powers, Maria changed the world. She brought peace to war-torn countries by changing the direction of weapons, and she helped people in need by changing the speed of disaster relief efforts. She became a hero, known as the Momentum Changer.

And as she looked back at her journey, Maria realized that she had found her true calling. She had finally found a way to harness the power of momentum and use it to make a difference in the world.


Accelerateto increase in speed or rate of developmentaccelerate growth, accelerate progress, accelerate the car
Decelerateto slow down or decrease in speed or rate of developmentdecelerate growth, decelerate the car, decelerate the process
Velocityspeed and direction of movementhigh velocity, velocity of sound, velocity of light
Forcestrength or energy exerted or brought to bearexert force, force of nature, force of habit
Frictionresistance to motion caused by the two surfaces rubbing against each otherreduce friction, increase friction, friction between two objects
Directiona line leading to a destination or goalchange direction, direction of travel, direction of wind
Movementthe act or process of moving or being movedmovement of water, movement of air, movement of people
Speedthe rate at which something is moving or operateshigh speed, speed of sound, speed of light
Trajectorythe path followed by a projectile flying or an object moving under the influence of a given forcetrajectory of a rocket, trajectory of a bullet, trajectory of a bird
Momentumthe force that keeps a moving object in motionbuild momentum, change momentum, lose momentum

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