OneSmartClick.Com English Fluency The Rise of a Maverick Manager

The Rise of a Maverick Manager

Word List: Aspiration, Credibility, Incentive, Progression, Resilience, Strategic, Tolerance, Trivial, Visionary, Wielding


Jenny was an ambitious young woman with an unyielding aspiration to make a difference in the world of business. She had the credibility and vision to make her dreams a reality. However, her unique ideas and unorthodox methods often made her a target for criticism from her peers.

Despite the challenges she faced, Jenny never lost her resilience. She was determined to prove her worth and move up the ranks in her career. She learned to wield her strategic thinking and tolerance for risk to create incentives for herself and her team.

As Jenny’s success grew, so did her reputation as a visionary manager. Her team respected her ability to see beyond the trivialities of everyday business and focus on the bigger picture. Her progression was quick and steady, and she soon became one of the most sought-after managers in the industry.

In the end, Jenny’s hard work and determination paid off. She became a leader in her field, inspiring others to follow in her footsteps and achieve their own career aspirations.


Aspirationa strong desire or ambition to achieve somethingcareer aspiration, personal aspiration, life aspiration
Credibilitythe quality of being believable or trustworthyestablish credibility, earn credibility, lose credibility
Incentivesomething that motivates or encouragesfinancial incentive, performance incentive, motivational incentive
Progressiona forward or onward movement towards a destinationcareer progression, educational progression, personal progression
Resiliencethe ability to recover quickly from difficultiesemotional resilience, mental resilience, physical resilience
Strategicrelating to a plan or strategy for achieving a goalstrategic planning, strategic thinking, strategic decision-making
Tolerancethe willingness to accept things that are different or unpleasanttolerance for risk, cultural tolerance, diversity tolerance
Trivialunimportant or minortrivial matters, trivial details, trivial mistakes
Visionaryhaving or showing imagination and creativityvisionary leader, visionary ideas, visionary thinking
Wieldingusing or having control over somethingwielding power, wielding influence, wielding authority

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