OneSmartClick.Com English Fluency The Secret of the Proprietary Formula

The Secret of the Proprietary Formula

Word List: proprietary, formula, invention, patent, research, scientist, innovation, mystery, top secret, confidential


Jenna was a brilliant scientist working on the latest technological invention. Her research was top secret and the formula she was developing was confidential. She was sure that her proprietary invention would be a game-changer, but little did she know that someone was after her work.

One night, while working late at the lab, Jenna was approached by a strange man who demanded the formula. She refused, but he threatened to harm her family if she didn’t comply. Jenna was in a dilemma, but she knew she had to keep her invention confidential.

The next morning, Jenna reported the incident to the police and decided to hide the formula in a safe place. But the man seemed to know her every move and continued to threaten her. Jenna was afraid for her safety and that of her family. She knew she needed to find a solution.

After much thought and research, Jenna realized that she could patent her invention and make it proprietary. This would give her legal protection and prevent anyone from stealing her work. She quickly filed for a patent and the formula was officially recognized as her own.

The strange man disappeared and Jenna breathed a sigh of relief. She continued her research and her invention soon became an innovation in the scientific community. The formula was still a mystery to many, but Jenna was proud to have kept it confidential.

Years later, Jenna was hailed as a brilliant scientist and her invention was a household name. She had finally solved the secret of the proprietary formula.



Meaning: relating to or protected by a patent or exclusive right

Collocations: proprietary technology, proprietary software, proprietary rights


Meaning: a set of mathematical instructions or rules

Collocations: mathematical formula, chemical formula, recipe formula


Meaning: a device, product or process that is the first of its kind and has been created as a result of study and experimentation

Collocations: new invention, groundbreaking invention, technological invention


Meaning: an official government document giving an inventor the exclusive right to prevent others from making, using, or selling an invention for a certain number of years

Collocations: patent application, patent protection, patent lawyer


Meaning: the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions

Collocations: scientific research, market research, medical research


Meaning: a person who is trained and skilled in one or more of the natural or physical sciences and who uses scientific methods to study and make new discoveries

Collocations: renowned scientist, female scientist, lead scientist


Meaning: a new idea, device, or method of doing something

Collocations: innovative technology, innovative product, innovative solution


Meaning: something that is difficult or impossible to explain or understand

Collocations: unsolved mystery, mysterious event, mystery novel

Top Secret

Meaning: a classification of information that is given to documents that are of the highest degree of sensitivity and require the most protection

Collocations: top secret government project, top secret files, top secret intelligence


Meaning: information that is given in trust and should be kept private

Collocations: confidential information, confidential meeting, confidential agreement

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