OneSmartClick.Com English Fluency The Adventure of the Lost City

The Adventure of the Lost City

Word List:

  • Disguise
  • Embark
  • Elusive
  • Exotic
  • Fortune
  • Perplex
  • Ponder
  • Regret
  • Trudge
  • Unfathomable


William had always been fascinated with stories about the Lost City, where a great Fortune was said to be waiting for whoever found it. Despite having heard that the city was nearly impossible to find, he felt a strong urge to Embark on an adventure to find it.

He carefully planned his journey, purchasing an outfit that would help him blend in with the locals in the more Exotic parts of the world. He even brought along a Disguise to further conceal his identity.

For months, William Trudged through rough terrain and battled harsh weather conditions. Despite this, he refused to give up. He felt like he was getting closer to finding the city and the Fortune that lay within.

As he finally approached the area where the city was rumored to be located, he found himself faced with a maze-like system of tunnels and caves. He found it increasingly difficult to navigate through the maze as it seemed to be Elusive, always shifting and changing.

William was Perplexed and began to Ponder if he was on the right track. But, he refused to let his doubts get the better of him and continued on his journey.

Hours turned into days, and days turned into weeks, but William still couldn’t find the city. He began to feel as though he was never going to find it and that he had made a grave mistake in even trying. The thought of Regret was starting to take hold.

It wasn’t until he stumbled upon an ancient inscription that the pieces started to fall into place. The inscription was in a language he couldn’t understand, but he was able to decipher one word: Unfathomable.

William finally understood that the city was meant to remain hidden and that its location was only meant to be known to those who were truly deserving. He realized that his journey was not about finding the city, but about discovering himself.


DisguiseA costume or change in appearance worn in order to conceal one’s identityin disguise, disguise oneself, disguise kit
EmbarkTo begin a journey or an enterpriseembark on an adventure, embark on a mission, embark on a new journey
ElusiveDifficult to find or catch, often changing its positionelusive dream, elusive creature, elusive happiness
ExoticUnusual and appealing because of being from far away or different from what is knownexotic food, exotic location, exotic culture
FortuneAn amount of wealth or good luckmake a fortune, a small fortune, fortune teller
PerplexConfuse or puzzle someoneperplexed by, perplexing situation, perplexing mystery
PonderThink deeply about somethingponder over, ponder the meaning, ponder the consequences
RegretSadness or disappointment because of something that has happened or because of a mistake maderegret doing something, no regret, deep regret
TrudgeWalk or move slowly and with effort, especially through difficult or unpleasant conditionstrudge through the snow, trudge up the hill, trudge on despite fatigue
UnfathomableImpossible to understand or explainunfathomable depths, unfathomable mystery, unfathomable complexity

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